Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome to Writers on Fire ~ Unplugged!

Welcome to the newly launched Writers on Fire blog!  Get ready for sizzling stories from Writers on Fire workshops, plus tons of other writerly, travelicious treats. 

Tomorrow, we kick off Cycle #2 of the ongoing Writing the Publishable Novel or Memoir workshop which gathers here at my magical Topanga Canyon hideaway. We meet from 10am to 3pm on the covered deck, which looks out over the picturesque State Park. Guaranteed, this setting works wonders on people's well-being as well as writing. The setting is boho-rustic, and helps people shut out the distractions of this fair sprawl-city of ours. In good California style, we commence the day with a short breathing meditation to help us shift into creative mode. Of course we eat great food during the intensive day, which includes in-class exercises, workshopping of each person's bi-monthly pages, plus discussion of the ongoing reading (this cycle we're immersing ourselves in The Secret Life Of Puppets, by Victorian Nelson) We cap the rigorous day with a Prosecco toast to the imagination.

On the required reading:  Over the last 15 years of teaching, I've found that including a demanding text, usually non-fiction, somehow sharpens everyone's brains and leaks into the writing in the most sublime and unexpected ways. Ideally we choose a text that taps into the subconscious. That is also the idea of in-class exercises. Because almost across the board, when people unhinge their imaginations, they write better than themselves. And this experience informs their more conscious writing, too. The results are often spectacularly original and potent.

We currently have six stunningly talented writers joining us this cycle. I will post more about them in coming months, with their permission. For now, trust me there will be creative ferment aplenty on top of this bucolic hill. We plan to post more info about these writers, showcase their work generated during the workshop, and additionally link to their sites and blogs. Perhaps some of them will be inspired to create blogs during the workshop if they don't already have them!

There will be lots more to come in future posts, including invitations to upcoming retreats in other locations -- both here in the United States and abroad -- info about private writing coaching services, international coaching available through Skype, travel & writing exercises and tips, and much much more.

For now, thank you for joining the Writers On Fire - Unplugged! blog. Don't hesitate to contact us and tell us what you'd like to see here.

Your creative adventure tour guide,

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  1. And a groovy first day it was as the group gelled and chilled and turned itself out on a Fiestaware plate like the brilliantly-colored dishes y'all are. Pleased to meetcha. -LML